Wednesday, 9 April 2014

What is success?


Have you ever wondered what is success? What do you need it for? Is it a good or a bad thing? I think I might know answers to these questions...
Firstly, I’ll ask you what do you think it could be? Some people say that success is being rich and famous. Nothing else. Do you think the same? I don’t. Why do they think that? I think that they think that cause thats their kind of success, they love money, expensive stuff and to have fans. For example - we all know who’s Justin Bieber, right? He’s like them, and he likes life in that way.                                 
Secondly, success can be making your dreams come something more than just a dream. Turning your ideas into miracles. It can mean making yourself happy, or sometimes other people. It can mean doing something thats never done before. Your success can change the world. Behind every implemented successful ideas, is success. Inventing something is success. Albert Einstein was successful, we all know his name now. He developed general theory of relativity. He changed the world. But that isn’t the only kind of success. Success can as well be making a paper plane. But the main point of what success is - working hard on something and finally making it to the top.

As well, I’m not sure if you know how to do that? First, try by having a goal. Then try to make a plan of what you should do. Start doing things from your plan and don’t stop until the end. When you’re finished, you will feel taste of success! But not all successes have a plan. Some happen by accident. Popsicles are made by accident. They are made by Frank Epperson. He had an accident success and changed the world. He made lots of people happy and you can to.

Finally, flyaway and make your success, change your world. Go and find out what are your limits! Be the best, and feel good about it.


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