Tuesday, 9 December 2014

WW1 Propaganda

What can you see in this image?

I can see the Germans hiding from the maori people with their ancestors protecting them. 

How are the different figures in the image portraid?

To me the figures look like that the maori people will be protected by their ancestors and that they will win the fight against the German Soldiers.

Who is the Target Audience?

Maori people over the age of 20 to try to convince them to enter the war.

What is the purpose of this image?

The purpose of this image is to get the maori people to fight                                                                     along side England in the war
How effective is this?

I feel it wasn't very effective but it seemed to be at the time because a lot of people under 20 signed up for the war

Why were recruiters at the time specifically targeting the Maori?

Possibly because of the tribal fights they usually do, and they thought this could also be a good opportunity to send more maori people off to fight so then less English people could die from the war.




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