Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Propaganda learning

Blomfield, William, 1866-1938 :The spirit of his fathers. New Zealand Observer, Christmas issue, December 1915.

What can you see in this image?
I see a ghost/ancestor  helping/saving a fighter in the war  kill the other guys.
• How are the different figures in the image portrayed?
The ancestor is helping the fighter, the two other fighters are very terrified about what is going to happen.  Maori vs German.
• Who is the target audience? How do you know?
the maori that don't want to go to war, to promote war and see how COOL it is.
• What is the purpose of the image?
To promote war and make people want to go and fight for some countries
• How effective is it?
For me it is not very effective, it does not promote war and make me want to go.For other people I think it might be effective.
• Why were recruiters at the time specifically targeting Māori?
Because of the treaty they signed and, so they have more fighters to save the countries.


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