Thursday, 13 March 2014

Why did we go to Camp?

Success Criteria:
  • Title, Introduction, Explanation Sequence, Conclusion
  • Action Verbs
  • Present tense: is, now.
  • Time connectives: first, secondly,      finally, then, when
  • Vocabulary: technical language

12/3/14                                              Why did we go to camp?

We all love camping and always go camping but have you ever wondered why did we go to camp? What Camp is? How long it is and where we went.
Camp is when we go away from home for a few days and stay in tents. You have to cook your own food and do everything yourself. No more parents helping you clear up your mess at home, now you have to clear it up yourself. I went camping for 3 days (2 nights) with my school classmates.Camping with your parents will be fun too. We went to the Wenderholm Camp ground. It was a big patch of grass, which was ideal for us to all set up our tents there.There must be a reason why we went to camp. We went to camp to learn Collaboration, Cooking, Tent Pitching and also to have Fun. You will also feel very successful after the camp as well.

We go to camp to build on our collaboration skills.
Collaboration is when we work together well as a team. When we play games and do activities, we will have to team up and collaborate together to win or to be successful. When I went to camp, I improved on my collaboration skills. It really helped me alot with further studying and activities at school.

Cooking is a very important skill in life. At Camp,everyone has to cook their own meals. If you don’t know how to cook, its okay,you can learn. I went to camp and learnt how to cook. We prepared our own ingredients and then cooked our own breakfast and dinner. We all have to learn how to cook and it is a great cooking experience for anyone who goes to camp not knowing how to cook.

Tent Pitching
Tent pitching is really important. When we go camping we need to have a place to stay, so we need to pitch tents to stay in. Although it is not as comfortable as your home, but that is the only thing you have. When I went to camp with my classmates, We were put into groups of 5, so we can put up our tents in groups. I have actually not been to camp before until now and I have not put up a tent before. I was a bit worried but when I went, the people in my group helped me a lot and taught me how to pitch a tent properly.

Having Fun
Whenever we go camping, we always will have fun. Especially when you go in a big group, you will have even more fun. I went in a big group with all the students in Hub 9. It was really fun. I never knew that I would have that much fun. The activities were great and exciting.
We did a lot of activities such as, tramping, banana surgery and we even played Frisbee golf. All those activities were so fun.

Camping is a very great experience in life and is the only time you get to do things like that.
It is really fun and you will learn a lot of new skills that will help you in the future.
After camping, you will also feel successful, just like I did.
I will never forget that memorable time I had at camp and I am sure you won’t too.


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