Thursday, 13 March 2014

Why did we go to camp?

Success Criteria:
  • Title, Introduction, Explanation Sequence, Conclusion
  • Action Verbs
  • Present tense: is, now.
  • Time connectives: first, secondly, finally, then, when
  • Vocabulary: technical language


What is camp
Have you ever wondered what is camp? Well camp is going to sleep in a tent in the forest or in a camp spot.At camp you have to cook your food.You aways have to bring a cooker or a bbq other wice how are you going to cook your food?It’s fun sleeping in a tent with your friends(or family).Sometimes you are worried and that’s OK,but there is nothing to worry about.

On 5th of March, LH9 from Stonefields School went camping at Wenderholm campground.It was about success.We were learning how to be successful out of school grouds. Some of us were successful for being away from their parents, but for others success was learning how to cook.
I felt successful when we had leftover food, because my group was not that good at organizing food.

Do you know how to cook?If yes, then you are ready to go to camp, because at camp you have to cook your own food. It’s really fun. But if you don’t know how to cook than you need a little bit of practise at home. You can ask a parent to help you if you are not sure what to do or search it on internet.

At camp you need to collaborate with all the people, because if you are in a tent with people you can’t collaborate well with then you are bad luck. I know how you feel, because i had that situation. You just have to go with it. Sometimes you are going to collaborate with them wich is really good, because you are making a new friend. Then when you get back from camp you can hang out with them.

If you go to camp , but you are not having fun, then what are you doing?
It’s all about having fun. If you go to camp what are you going to do to make it fun? You can go swimming(if there is a sea or a swimming pool), tramping, you can go exploring and lots more to make your camp fun.
You are going to have lots and lots of fun if you are with friends.

Why people like camping
People like camping, because it’s a holiday with your friends or family and nature. It feels good and you want to do it again. That’s why people go to camp. To have a rest, have fun and enjoy it.


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