Monday, 24 March 2014

What is Success?

Plan: Introduction: What is Success?
-getting things done
-completing tasks
-collaborating with each other
-using the stonefields school values
conclusion: why are people successful?

What is success?

What success means is actually never quitting what you need to do and keep going on your life. Success is very hard to achieve but there are many many people who I’ve seen on televisions and at stonefields school that had made big successes, and I believe that those people are all around us!

Getting things done

Getting things done is all about success too. When you're finishing off something and you think that you can’t do it and you give up, that is not what you call success. When you’re finishing off something and you have spended a lot of time on it and one day you finish off the project, That is what you call success. When I see around school, I see builders all ways collaborating with each other when they’re working. If the builders never thought about success, then they would have never been successful.

Completing tasks

Completing tasks is a very hard job. You have to be determined to keep on  going and never give up. You might think that success happens when you complete a task but its not always when you finish a task, Success can happen during when your trying to complete a task because every paragraphs, sentences and words that you think of to write a successful story needs some successful words too.

Collaborating with each other

Collaborating with each other sounds like just helping each other, but it has a little meaning of success in the word collaborating. If you see on television, you will find sport players collaborating with all their teammates but its not always the sport players that collaborates, its all the people who makes it to success. Collaborating is not just helping yourself, but it actually helps others too. So collaborating and success combined together, can actually make many differences.

Using the stonefields school visions  

Using the stonefields school visions is important because, the visions takes you to the path that makes you achieve success. When I first came to stonefields school, I never knew a single word from the stonefields school vision chart, but later on, I learned every single word and the best thing was, I learned that stonefields school visions can help you when you're trying to achieve to make success.

Why are people successful?

People are successful because, they want to be successful for their lives. In example, one of the greatest and the best person in the world, bill gates  had been successful because he had tried very hard for years and years to be successful in his life. Usually, when Bill gates earns money, Bill gates donates the money with other people who needs money for their family. When the families gets the money, they use the money on computers or to buy windows programs for their computers. Amazingly the money goes back to bill gates then later bill gates donates that money again. So there is a big cycle of money that keeps going around, but Bill gates is successful by earning money and donating. So there is a lot of reasons why people are successful in their lives and how they do that.


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