Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Intention: I want my reader to feel excited & happy. Writing Focus: I choose language that is appropriate to the topic, audience and purpose.

I run! I am jumping up and down in excitement in front of the christmas tree. Everyone is in high spirits. I am so eager to open up my presents to see what I got. The glow.  The ornamental tree attracting my eyes to it with its stunning looks makes me feel like I am in paradise! I think about the big surprise with the pretty decorations on the big tree. It makes me feel on the cloud nine! At this moment, I am allowed to open up my surprise to reveal what I got. My hands are tearing up the wrapping, my eyes are staring meticulously at the giant box in my hands. This feeling I have. Only once. Slowly fading, My eyes see nothing but black. Suddenly, My lap feels a pounce on it with something pawing at me. I felt a shock coming to me! I jump! Standing still, with my mouth stuck wide open with an astonished look on my face. I could not believe this! I pick up the dog. My mind is confused, thinking about whether this could be real.
I’ve always wanted a dog! I was like a dream come true! This moment cannot be real but the feel of being able to snuggle such a soft thing just makes it so cozy! This brings the ambience of happiness to the house!


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