Thursday, 7 August 2014

Intention: I want my reader to feel excited & happy. Writing Focus: I choose language that is appropriate to the topic, audience and purpose

I fly! I am soaring in the sky with my wings flared out. I am set free, unrestricted.  This is reality, admiring the beautiful greenery and the broad and wide sky! I feel special. I feel like I came right out of hell to heaven where I can stare at the amazing nature around me. I am in paradise! I am so eager to see the rest of the world, how much it has changed. Being trapped in a cage, grounded makes me feel so terrible. Now that I’m free, I have no reason to think about that unhappy past. I clear my mind. I got rid of my distraction and continued looking at the scenery. The amazing view was just unbelievable. The water droplets splashing at me as I fly across a waterfall. The sounds of nature. This feeling.


Kirsty Panapa said...

Natalie your piece of writing creates imagery where I feel I am a bird soaring across the sky. I would like to hear more about the experience of the waterfall from the perspective of the bird. You are gaining a great voice as a writer - keep it up!!!

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