Monday, 28 July 2014

Intention: To make my reader feel delighted and calm. Writing Focus: To Control my sentences so they are short and long and I can make my writing flow

I sit there, remembering. The moment when I heard a wonderful song. Such a calming melody making my spirits lift up with my heart beating along with the rhythm of the song flowing into my ears.  It was totally miraculous! The beautiful harmony and tune made me feel untroubled and tranquil. I felt tired. Tired enough to doze off on the sofa with my mind clear. I stayed up. Not bearing to fall asleep missing such an incredible song! This was not just an ordinary album. It was very unique in its own ways. It had so much effect!  It was totally supreme, it made me feel so delighted and pleased to have listened to such a beautiful song! I really hope that miraculous moment could just come back to me right now.


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