Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Intention: To make my reader feel amazed and blessed. Writing Focus: To Control my sentences so they are short and long and I can make my writing flow

I am just astounded! The way everyone is motivated to learn with the guidance of some teachers is just unbelievable. All I see is the stunning and scenic scenery with the cheerful children and the grins on their faces, from ear to ear. Everyone is with a device in their hands, making it so fantastic for us to learn. This is the most marvelous and magnificent classroom to be in. The Joyful happiness of the children standing and running all around the place with their heads filled with numbers and clever sentences makes me feel like I am dreaming one really happy dream mixed with all of my thoughts. I feel so blissful and thrilled to be within this learning palace. I am sure everyone knows they are very blessed and fortunate to be in the most wonderful learning space ever!


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