Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Intention:I wanted the reader to feel amazed and happy.Writing focus:To Control my sentences so they are short and long and i can make my writing flow

I am stepping into a vast place, it is the favourite place of the most brood in all of the school. For a second it looks like a jungle in which a lot of endearing chimpanzees ascend. I really feel like I could just run in there and join them… There are loads of immense excitement. It is surrounded by foggy meadow and dry, but muddy land. I see smiles, actually blissful and uproarious smiles. There are diminutive and big children. It is simply amazing to finally stare at a place which I have heard of only in the stories.  I feel like I am just dreaming, my mind is in a whirl thinking about how real this could become.


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