Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Intention: I wanted my reader feel excited and delighted. Writing Focus: To add detail and emotion to my Writing

I step out and feel the cold fresh air arising. I feel like I was lifting off the ground as I found myself jumping in joy. I was so elated and delighted that I finally came to New Zealand. My face felt like it was going to turn into ice. This is the first time ever in my life I have been to such an enormous, beautiful country. I could see the broad and wide sky. I felt like I was going to dash right out of the plane and jump out with a parachute.
My jaw dropped with my eye’s wide open when I saw the whole place and where I was.  The scenery just amazed me! I was in high spirits and my siblings were all on the cloud nine, telling jokes and laughing. My siblings and my parents were so contented that we would be here. It was like an illusion, it felt so unreal. It was like I invented it and made it up in my brain. It really felt so much like I was picturing the whole moment in my head, just like a visualisation. It turned out it was reality. I could not deceive myself any more. This is truly the moment I stepped into New Zealand.


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