Friday, 14 February 2014

Organising camp menus in our groups

Today we made Stonefields proud and did some great collaboration learning. In groups of 4, we were given a $40 budget and had to organise food for 3 days of camping - not an easy task when there is no fridge or cooking facilities there!

There were creative ideas flying around the hub, from grilled cheese in a pan to spaghetti bolognese, and learners found out a lot about each others preferences for food.

Through compromise and determination, our learners were able to  come up with some great menus, which we look forward to making reality at camp from the 5th of March.


Stephanie Parker said...

Wow, good work Hub 9. It can be hard work trying to please everyone, especially with limited resources. I look forward to hearing how camp went.
Mrs Parker - Glenbrae School.

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